About Us

We live in a technology driven digital world and it’s almost impossible to operate a business without IT these days – imagine asking someone for an email address and they tell you they don’t use email, only post or fax!

The fact is that we increasingly rely on IT. It’s an enabler that can set you apart from your competitors. It allows you to communicate, provides a worldwide presence for your brand, drives productivity and provides a safe haven for data. It’s as important in your business as the electricity is in your building and yet, just as you wouldn’t spend a great deal of time understanding your electricity circuits, IT isn’t and shouldn’t be the focus of your business. It can be mind boggling and that’s where we come in.

We know that every business has different priorities, challenges and plans for the future and we work with an ethos of understanding your business first and applying the right technology second. We allocate every customer a dedicated Technical Manager who will become an extension of your business, responding to alerts and faults in real time and working proactively to advise you of future considerations.

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If you need to speak with use before our new website is live please call 03333 445511 or email techteam@fourthpillar.co.uk.